AECSL Vision



The Aboriginal Early Childhood Support and Learning Incorporated (AECSL Inc.) is a unique organisation, leading the way as a peak advisory body on early childhood for Aboriginal children, families and the Aboriginal community.


The AECSL Inc. five year Strategic Plan will ensure that all Aboriginal children and their families are fully engaged in the design and delivery of early years programs and have equal access to services that promote child and family welfare, safety and wellbeing .


AECSL Inc. will provide support for OUR KIDS, and will promote culturally appropriate development and learning approaches for the early childhood sector OUR WAY, and will value the importance of community capacity building and community engagement for THEIR FUTURE.


Promoting and ensuring that our kids are the major focus of all decision making processes and that AECSL Inc. will build the capacity of Aboriginal families, Early Childhood professionals and community members our way, always respecting cultural protocols, and the uniqueness of each child, family and community for their future. With the recognition that local Aboriginal communities are best placed to understand the local needs of their families and children.


AECSL Inc. will work to ensure that Aboriginal communities have a strong and ongoing voice in how early years programs and services are designed and delivered, with all programs focusing on the diverse strengths of the child, family and community. This will be done by working in partnership with representative from early year’s stakeholders, community partners and all levels of government, Aboriginal parents and researchers. And will be supported by adequate funding and resources.


AECSL Inc’s. core values underpin everything we do and guide the way we work making responsible, transparent and informed decisions, ensuring long term sustainability through good governance and effective service delivery. We are committed to driving change and continuously improving the quality of services being flexible, maintaining cultural identity and organisational integrity, building on the strength and knowledge of each other and recognising that Aboriginal families and communities and all interested stakeholders having an equal opportunity to participate. With this collaborative participation this will inform policy, decision making and planning.